Generating Waffle chart using pyWaffle in python

Aditya N
1 min readApr 22, 2020

what is waffle chart?

A Waffle Chart is an gripping visualization technique which is normally created to display progress towards goals.Where each cell in the Waffle Chart constitutes of 10 X 10 cell grid in which each cell represents 1 percentage point summing up to total 100%.It is commonly an effective option when you are trying to add interesting visualization features to a visual.Waffle Charts are widely used as an Excel dashboard.

A easy way to start with:

First we need some set modules

pip install matplotlib

pip install pandas

pip install pywaffle


lets see the output:

Waffle Chart

1.More visually attractive.
2.Used for attractive Dashboards.

1.Waffle Chart becomes too complicated when too many segments are involved.
2.individualized spaces do not leave a spot to put numbers or text within the visual itself.