Aditya N
1 min readApr 24, 2020


Basically what is bot…

In basic terms a bot is a program which runs on behalf of human intervention .which is an effective way to perform a repetitive job

let us see how to build one..

In this article we will see how to build a COVID-19 BOT


  • Flask a python framework
  • python
  • Twilio account
  • virtual environment
  • working whatsapp account

Create an free account in Twilio

configure the twilio account 👇

once you have setup your twilio sanbox now we need to create the virtual env

$ mkdir watsupbot$ cd watsupbot$ virtualenv myvenv$ source myvenv/scripts/activate (for windows)$ pip install flask twilio requests

now create file by name

Now its time time to get our hands dirty :)

import the modules inside

Basic Logic:

To handle the incoming message from the user and to reply them

Api used:

which is a application programming interface from which we are fetching the live data of people who have affected by the COVID-19 virus

Watch it live

look into the github repository for entire code