Integrating Github with Jenkins

Aditya N
2 min readMay 6, 2020

Tools we have used Github,git Bash,Jenkins

After installing all the requirements and setting up the tools

We started with the motto of (CI) continuous integration where we connect Jenkins with Github and build a connection.

The process goes in the way when a developer codes and commit the code it automatically get uploaded into Github .once it is uploaded the Github’s Webhook will contact Jenkins saying that some change has been happened with the previous data.(but for this process we have to disable the firewall)

By the time we would have created a new job in Jenkins by setting up a Github hook trigger which looks for the new changes that had been made it sees and #process1 clones it into the local do this job we have to provide Jenkins the powerful access like root user which can be done through the sudo command which provides administrative power.

#process2 whenever their will be push or pull requests occur Jenkins will see whether the any changes has happened and makes the changes.this complete process occurs whenever developer writes the code and commits.

once all successfully done it Jenkins will deploy it to our website and it website will be working automatically.whenever the developer writes new code and commits.

which gives the log content
writing content into file
automating the push
Docker setup
setting up trigger

Future enchancements: integrating it with load balances such as kubernets and other agile tools